[Live] We Don't Stop [Music Station]

Kana's already started the promo for her upcoming single 'We Don't Stop'. Watch the first live at Music Station !

The song is really enjoyable, I hope it's gonna do well on charts !


[Preview] We Don't Stop

We already have a preview of "We Don't Stop", from 花咲舞が黙ってない" (Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai) ending credits !

The song is really upbeat and catchy, I'm sure it's gonna slay the charts !


[News] 23rd single "We Don't Stop" [Out May 21st]

It's already been 6 months since Kana's released her last single "Sayonara". But don't worry, our girl is gonna be back on May 21st with her 23rd single entitled "We Don't Stop". Two versions are gonna be available, covers are already out. Great news, the song has been composed by GIORGIO CANCEMI !

CD+DVD (Limited)

CD only



1 - We Don't Stop
2 - Happy Birthday
3 - 25


The Nishino Family Party 2013 - Live Digest

You can pre-order the single on Yesasia and CDJapan !

Back from hiatus !

Hi everyone !
It's been a long time (1 year and a half) since I last updated Nishino Kana Fansite. Studies and lack of interest in Kana's career were the main reasons I stopped blogging, but I've decided to post again ! I missed it !

Stay tuned for more information about Kana's upcoming single and a new layout !